My name is Kieran Roberts, 25 years old and passionate about game design, storytelling, and programming. Ever since I was young I've always been playing games, from Dino Crisis on the PlayStation to Settlers of Catan at the dinner table. This love for games has allowed me to make many lifelong friends and granted me some amazing opportunities, one of my favourites being able to adjudicate many board game tournaments at the UK Games Expo since 2015.


I've studied Game design and the many principles behind it since 2012 where I attended Kidderminster College. It's here that my love for the development of games started to kindle. After graduating with a DDM, I went to study at Staffordshire University. Wanting to know as much about the process of game development as I could I opted for a mixed degree which focussed on both programming and 3D modelling. I soon realised my love for design and programming, putting myself in the place of the player trying to make the games and systems I worked on as intuitive and fun as possible.


After graduating University with a 1st I realised there was still more I could learn and decided to complete my Masters at Staffordshire University, here is where I honed my skills within UE4 and got in touch with my artistic side, designing levels and characters. Focusing on narrative environments and even doing a little bit of UI design. 



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